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Transgender 12/11/2015

How was I to deal with the feelings I had about my sexuality. I am not talking about the art of having sex but my feelings about myself and my beliefs. People like to judge others when they are a little different looking, but they really begin to discuss and judge you when you are a boy wearing a dress to school. A boy that believes himself a girl from day one is a very depressed individual if he is not allowed to live his life the way he believes he is meant to. Did someone make a mistake when handing out body parts? Was I in the wrong line?

My family is very supportive of me. They have always let me be me. I borrow my sister’s clothes because I love the way I feel wearing them. I wish everyone would overlook my sexuality and allow me to be me. The depressing thing about being a female in a male’s body is the transformation if I choose to do so. Being a transgender means that I can be male or female when I choose my clothing. I still have to undergo the scrutiny that others dish out. The laughter still hurts. Come on people, I did not ask to step out into the wrong line. I never ask to be different. I have a difficult time turning off the feelings I have, but I have to try. I have to try to adjust myself to what everyone in the world believes I should be. I have to act like the boy I was born to be unless I completely change myself.

Applying for jobs and joining social groups is another difficulty that I have. If I start a job as a boy, the employer expects me to remain a boy. Social groups such as men’s fraternities or orders do not want me to be part of them if I am transgender. I guess they fear that I will come on to them. Understand this my friends, just because I am transgender does not mean that I am Gay or Lesbian. I love myself and hope that as my friends you will look past my clothing and look deep inside my heart to see the real me trying to get out.

Gay Blog 3/6/2015

If you are searching for blogs on all things, starting from gay, lesbians, transgender and bisexual news to politics, the rights and culture of gay and many more, here are a collection of some of the favorite gay blogs you must start reading.

1. Gay Star News
The blog is a worldwide media source that focuses on LGBT broadcast and entertainment. Being launched in 2012, it quickly established itself as a commanding voice in the gay society. The website covers all the gay broadcast of great importance across the globe; from international politics, business and religion to entertaining, way of life and interviews with members of the gay community.

2. Towleroad
In 2003 by Andy Towle while still in Los Angeles just started his blog. Eleven years down the line, Towleroad is disputable one of the most famous blogs in the U.S. rated as one of the top 50000 websites in the globe, Towleroad is a powerful media source for the gay community. The blog covers trending stories concerning gay, comprising politics, entertaining, traveling, pop culture and technology.

3. Queerty
Named as the leading website for gay information by the Newsweek, Queerty is a type of blog you need to bookmark if you will love to stay updated on the recent trends and what is happening. Concentrated on the news covering the lifestyle of the gay community, Queerty produces the most significant stories of the gay community in the US.

4. Homorazzi
Homorazzi is a madly famous blog in the gay community. The blog targets to provide its readers a glimpse into the lifestyle of a gaggle gays and their view on the gay issues. They share their views and recaps on television shows, fashion, celeb gossip, movies, and music.

5. Gaytwogether
Gaytwogether is a blog that has a great determination on romance, love and being gaytwogether. Whether you in a serious relationship, dating or single, this blog has so many stimulating article, feature stories and all kind of cool stuff that concern gay relationships.

6. Kinda gay blog
Finding yourself in the closet is difficult. You are not entitled to many resources or anybody to converse with, realizing how hard the transition is, this blog has shown commitments in assisting gay people. The blog covers things like culture and lifestyle of gay and other gay-related information.

Lesbian Blogs 1/2/2015

Top Three Lesbian Blogs

Heteronormative representation is rampant in American culture, especially with visual representations which tend to exclude lesbian or gay relationships. Here are three lesbian blogs that focus on the issues exclusive to lesbian relationships or being a lesbian in a heteronormative world.

Outward A blog that is a part of the online magazine Slate, Outward focuses on the LGTBQ conversation that does not make the general news cycle. Some of the most recent titles include "The Perils of Being a Woman Who Wants A Men's Haircut in the South", "I was a Teenaged Lesbian Cybersex Junkie" and "What the Pope Was Really Doing With Those Lines on Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion". This blog is great for individuals who are looking to update their news intake to include LGBTQ issues.

About Wegan This blog follows Whitney and Megan, a self proclaimed femme (lipstick) lesbian couple. They created the blog to highlight being a lesbian couple as well as be a role model for girls/women who identify as lesbian. Their blog includes fighting against the invisibility of femme lesbians in the LGB community, how to deal with long distance relationships, and general fashion/beauty tips. The blog is beautiful, easy to navigate and links to other articles in understanding the sub distinctions within the lesbian community.

Queer Women of Color This is a tumblr account that highlights lesbian women of color. People can post their own photos, make comments or ask questions regarding being a lesbian woman of color. They even have a store that have shirts that say, "Latin Excellence" with the rainbow flag and "I Met God, She's a Black Feminist". Like Wegan this blog was designed to create an atmosphere and safe space for lesbians who feel invisible within the LGBTQ community.

These are just a few of the great lesbian blogs that were created for the individual whose sense of identity does not mesh with heteronormative societies.